ChokeSlammed Photographer Is Bad Timing For Trump

  • A photographer was choke slammed to the ground at a Trump rally by someone working security.
  • The journalist maintains that he never touched the security guard and was slammed to the ground for leaving his area.
  • It is currently unclear if the man working security worked for Trump or if he was part of Trump’s Secret Service detail.
  • At the same time, BLM protesters were thrown out of the event.

Dozens of protesters were kicked out of a Donald Trump rally in Virginia Monday along with a photographer who was detained after a tussle with the candidate’s security.

Time magazine photographer Christopher Morris was on the other side of the camera lens in a video that shows him on his back futilely kicking at a member of Trump’s security detail. Witnesses said Morris was slammed to the ground, and Morris told reporters the security officer grabbed his neck and briefly choked him during the takedown.

“I never punched him,” Morris told reporters. “I never touched him.”

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But the video shows Morris reaching for the security officer’s throat. Morris said he was just demonstrating how he was grabbed during the altercation.

At the same rally, in Radford, Va., dozens of protesters were paraded from the event, some chanting “Black Lives Matter,” as Trump supporters showered them with boos.

Trump, saying, “Get them out,” called the protesters, “the enemy.”

Morris was reportedly trying to leave the pen photographers were assigned to take pictures of people in the audience when he was forcefully stopped. It is unclear if the security staffer was a member of Trump’s Secret Service detail or a member of his private security team.

Other reporters there said he was wearing a badge on his hip and a red lapel pin, which is normally worn by government agents.

Watch the happenings from Trump rally here from CNN:


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