Carry Your Firearm In Public…It’s Your Right!

The liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals endorsed the right of individuals to carry firearms in public in a ruling Tuesday, striking down a lower court argument that the Constitution only protects that right at home.

“Analyzing the text of the Second Amendment and reviewing the relevant history, including founding-era treatises and nineteenth century case law, the panel stated that it was unpersuaded by the county’s and the state’s argument that the Second Amendment only has force within the home,” the ruling states.

The case resulted from Hawaii resident George Young being denied twice in 2011 as he sought to carry a handgun. Two of the three judges — who were both appointed by Republican presidents — ruled against a lower court upholding the restriction.

Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain wrote in his opinion that “for better or for worse, the Second Amendment does protect a right to carry a firearm in public for self-defense.”

**Always Respect Your Local Laws…**


  1. Mario

    A pistol or revolver in an exposed holster should not alarm the general public. That being observed, a large portion of Liberal households think that firearms are evil. Many parents command their children to fear “guns” as irresponsible weapons of the deranged, a “normal” person should have “no need of a firearm”.

  2. Phil Witte

    Just because it’s legal and a right, doesn’t necessarily make it the right and smart thing to do. Even here in gun friendly Arizona, open carry makes a lot of people nervous. Open carry doesn’t make us any new supports that I know of. It’s bad for business that cater to families with children. As an NRA member and CCW holder, I wouldn’t want open carry in a restaurant that I owned. I wouldn’t want it to be a gun free zone at all. Would welcome concealed carry, just not open carry.

  3. JT

    Get over the fear and exercise the right; use it or lose it. I see people open carry in Nevada all the time, doesn’t bother me a bit, in fact I’m glad to see it.

  4. Ron DeVita

    Im a NY resident and recently bought a home down in Florida , a gun friendly state unlike NY , with that being said , i believe it is always wiser to carry your weapon of choice in a concealed manner …i mean why would anyone think its logical to exploit your firearm while giving away the element of surprise to the bad guy(s) …. i look forward to being able to carry in a less restricted state…. the idea of sitting in a Cracker Barrel armed at the ready appeals to me….

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