Bringing Illegals To State Of Union Is A Slap In America’s Face!

WASHINGTON (AP) — An immigrant in the U.S. illegally who worked at the Trump Organization has been invited to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address.

A spokeswoman for New Jersey Democratic congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman confirmed Wednesday that her guest will be Victorina Morales, who was born in Guatemala.

Morales has spoken out about the Trump Organization’s hiring practices. The Trump Organization said Wednesday that it will use the E-Verify electronic system at all its properties to check employees’ documentation.

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Trump has repeatedly cast millions of immigrants in the country illegally as taking jobs from American citizens. He turned over day-to-day management of his business to sons Eric and Donald Jr. when he took office.

In an interview Wednesday with The Daily Caller website, Trump said some of his State of the Union guests will be “border-related.”

He said his guests will include “people who have suffered very badly because we didn’t do what we should’ve done in a very dangerous part of our country.”


  1. Gary

    Mr President, you blew i! You should have taken 5 minutes and told the American people
    that the Republicans offered a bill to pay the government workers and it was turned down by the Democrats. The Republicans also offered a bill to pay the Coast Guard and it was also defeated by the Democrats. The MSM is not going to tell America about this and you missed
    your chance to make this known.

    The Russians did not hack the Democrats’ emails to hurt Hillary Clinton, rather they already
    knew that she was greedy for money because she sold them a 20% interest in an American
    Uranium mine for contributions to her Canadian non-profit. How much money did the American treasury receive for that sale? The Russians knew, like EVERYONE else, that Hillary
    was going to be the next president and they were looking for some dirt to blackmail her
    with. That’s the only reason that they hacked the Democrats and not the Republicans.

    Our country’s survival is in the crosshairs. If the democrats can prevent a wall from being built and continue to promise illegal aliens free stuff, our once prosperous republic will become a socialist hellhole as more and more non Americans change our country to the delight of the communist among us. Nancy and Obama know that walls work as they both have
    them around their own properties.

    Pray for President Trump and our country. Our survival depends on it!

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