A Boring Bust… It’s Time We End The Out of Touch and Outdated Correspondents dinner.

Trump for the second straight year skipped the annual Washington dinner for reporters, politicians and other famous people — where he, like presidents before him, was the target of jokes by the host.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner ended with a barrage of vulgar anti-Trump jokes by comedian Michelle Wolf, who attacked the appearance of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who was sitting with her at the head table.

What they’re saying: White House officials in the audience thought Wolf’s patter went too far and thought the attacks on Sanders and Kellyanne Conway were too personal.

Be smart: That creates a new hurdle for the White House Correspondents’ Association to lure President Trump, who has snubbed the dinner the last two years.

Why it matters: If the dinner can only attract liberal presidents and liberal comedians, the conclusion is inevitable.

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  1. Deplorable Lanie

    I said that yesterday this “dinner” needs to be shut down! The party that is supposed to be this great champion of women can not support the amazing women of the Trump Administration. They make me sick. Why do we need this “roasting” of the President and his staff? It seems like a waste of taxpayer dollars to me!

  2. Lana Waldron

    If this mess is done on the tax payers dime it is time to shut the thing down. If they want to make money for journalists and others they can use another venue not involving the American public. The displays are disgusting and offensive and I resent having my money go to pay for any part of it.

  3. Smith

    No respect for the President and the Staff. Democratic members are Not working to solve problems of the US Citizens. Not accepting Trump as President! Stop having the event if they refuse to cooperate or at least respect other people that are not of the Democratic Party. Nothing will be accomplished when you can not tolerate others with different Political beliefs.

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