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Bern It And Blaze Up With Bernie (Image: Herb)

I bet you didn’t know that deep down inside Bernie Sanders is one of the cool kids, and vows to legalize pot in Puerto Rico. Bernie Sanders was asked if he would legalize pot in Spanish and his quick reply was “Si”, at which point he began to laugh at himself and said, “You see, my Spanish is good enough to know that word.” The presidential primary candidate went on to say that he believed that it was unfair that so many people are having trouble getting work because of a previous record with drugs. He has introduced legislation that would take marijuana off of the list of substances under the Federal Controlled Substance Act.


“We’ve got marijuana and heroin together, that’s pretty crazy to my mind,” he said. Of course, that was most, if not all, the candidate had to say on the subject. Bernie went on to discuss like he always does, his outrage for billionaire banking interest that have been campaigning against the idea of financial assistance for Puerto Rico. He also went on to fight against the government reducing the minimum wage and cutting public services to and entitlements to try and pay off their $70 billion debt.

Instead, he said that the government should increase their spending to improve infrastructures like power grids, transportations systems, and broadband internet.  “The people in Puerto Rico should not be made to suffer even more.”

Although Bernie Sanders continues to campaign, it is easy to see that he is not going to win the presidential primary nominee, yet he is determined to fight.


  1. Linda

    i agree pot is not anything like heroin you can not get addicted to it I know i used to smoke it and still do from time to time but only occasionally it helps with my I BS BUT IF I DON’T NEED IT I DON’T SMOKE IT I CAN TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT

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