Baby Abandoned Near Dumpster After Birth Is Now CEO of Company Valued Over $62 Million

Freddie Figgers was abandoned near a dumpster as a newborn since his biological mother, whom he has never met until this day, did not want him. Figgers was adopted by Nathan and Betty Figgers who loved and supported him like their own. As a child, Figgers was fascinated by electronic devices. At 9 years old, he would disassemble and reassemble a 1989 computer his dad gave him. He had his first job as a computer technician at age 12. “Three years later, he started to develop a cloud database in his own backyard and became his own boss,” as reported by Western Journal.

Figgers opted to work than finish college. Before he turned 30, he had his own telecommunications company, Figgers Communications. According to the caption of a YouTube video, “he is now the founder and CEO of Figgers Wireless, a black owned telecommunications firm valued at over $62.3 million, that you may have never heard of.”

He continues to use his creativity by creating devices that will help people with diabetes. Figgers said that his company puts people over profit.

Figgers is also investing in the education of others. He donated 20 computers to Saratosa Military Academy. “Abandoned in a dumpster as an infant, Freddie was adopted by a loving couple who encouraged and supported his fascination with computers at an early age,” said SMA-MAJ Sylvia Gillotte, Chair of the Language Arts Department.

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