Assassinating America: A World Without Trump

An attempt was made on Donald Trump’s life. It failed…but what if it hadn’t? 

Death is never an easy thing, and it shouldn’t be. People out of anger, frustration, fear, misunderstanding, and religion take the lives of people on a daily basis. We’ve come to expect it.

Yet, a 19-year old kid had created a reason, whatever it was, inside his head that told him that Donald Trump had to be wiped off the face of the Earth. Not only did he manifest this idea in his mind, but he was actively trying to execute it.

Yet, let’s take a second and think….what would the world have been like if he succeeded? What would the world be like without Trump?

Well, first off we would be stuck with Hillary, which is a nightmare in itself. 

The things that Trump stood for, the things that he was fighting for, would be gone. Trump came out as a Presidential candidate who would not fall prey to the politically correct system that we now find ourselves in.  He says what he feels, what he thinks, what he knows, and he is ridiculed for it. Yet, that’s who he is. That is Donald Trump.

The scariest part of all though is the fact that his new age politics are enough to scare people into assassination attempts. 

That’s how it always is, though.

Presidents aren’t assassinated because they are disliked, they are assassinated because they are feared. They rock the boat of the foundation that people have been floating comfortably on and that scares them. They don’t know what to do. So instead of listening to what people have to say and making a logical choice, they fight against that which scares them.

Whatever your political beliefs may be, whether you like Trump or you dislike him, you have to admit that he is shaking the foundation. He is suggesting things that may, or may not, be radical thinking in the eyes of some. Yet, it’s getting the people thinking. 

He is sparking a fire inside the public that is making us want to stand up for ourselves. We want to fight. The last time I saw this kind of passion in America was when George W. Bush struck back against 9/11. The ironic part is, that people fought him on that choice back then. Some people believed in the war on Iraq, and some people didn’t but he did something.

George W. Bush made a decision and said we cannot allow this to happen to our country, so he made a choice. 

Trump is making that choice. He is appalled by the things that are happening in America and while our President is off going on vacation to the Rocky Mountains and Yosemite, he is standing up and saying something.

That kind of passion, that kind of thinking always scares the weak populace of America. Then, like little animals, they lash out in fear of their existence. The joke is, they are already dead.

The world without Trump would be a sad one because it would show America that we have lost all sense of self. We have lost the will to fight. We have lost against the sensitive nature of our president. We have become politically correct. 

We are America. We were never meant to be politically correct. 

Let’s be thankful that more death did not happen over this weekend, but think about what would have happened if it did. 

Trump must now fight harder than ever to win and to change the foundation of America.


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