An Open Letter To The Scumbags In Washington D.C.

Open Letter

This is an open letter to the politicians working hard this week to take away our 2nd amendment rights.

Earlier this week I wrote an open letter to the people of this great nation in a hope to explain the aftermath of the Orlando shootings. This letter is not to them.

This letter is to all our “elected” officials who are working overtime to scapegoat and blame everyone and everything, but the actual machine that caused it, radical Islam.

I also wish that I could have written this to Democrats, but sadly, after the words of Mitch McConnell and a few other RINO Republicans it is now sadly addressed to all of the scumbag opportunities that reside in Washington.

After every tragedy we get the same exact response, you trying to take away our constitutional rights. Stop it!

Nothing has changed between the San Bernardino attacks and Orlando. Lots of innocents were killed and wounded in both cases and in both cases you failed to prevent the attack, refused to blame radical Islam, and your only response was to try and take away our firearms. YOU FAILED US. Now you act as if stripping the weapons of law abiding citizens would have somehow prevented these attacks.

Instead, we should focus on any number of truths that get ignored by politicians and mainstream media. For instance, the government doing widespread, unconstitutional, mass surveillance while failing to prevent ANY attacks or producing any real leads.

We could also focus the fact that Omar Mateen had strong ties to Saudi Arabia, our ally, as did the San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook, as where 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11. This is one of our strongest allies and the recipient of billions of dollars annually.

We could also focus on the refugees that we keep bringing into the nation despite clear signs from around the world that they will not assimilate. Or the mosques that breed this hatred on a daily basis, like the one just outside of Orlando that preached that the “compassionate” thing to do is to kill all homosexuals. No, instead we can’t even point a finger as Islam or we are slammed for being “Islamophobic”.

You politicians do what you always do which is push YOUR agenda regardless of the facts or details. There is no tragedy that you won’t use and abuse for your own strategy. If I had my way I would ban each and every one of you from public service. You are leeches.

Stop using past, present, and future tragedies to take away our rights and get off your ass and protect this nation. Anything less is akin to treason in my eyes.

Thank you for your time. Now go out and do your jobs.


  1. Gregory John Watts

    Politicians have long ago stop representing the average person. Americans do not want more gun control, they want less. So lets put the energy in stopping radicals and stop looking for reasons to keep stripping away our rights.

  2. D. Adams

    I 101% agree with the letter. STOP all the bs and get off you high brow asses with all this bs about gun control. Look at what Hitler and Stalin did to their people. Look at what the Muslims do to theirs. STOP being afraid of Obama and his Muslim buddies.

  3. Terri Storm

    Guns do not kill, PEOPLE KILL! My guns have sat for years without killing anyone. This is the NWO at its finest!

  4. Betty

    The truth is the truth and no amount of sugar coating it with lies will change the facts. We either stand together or hang separately.

  5. Afred

    Remember who is against the second admenmant and vote him or her out.

  6. Joseph & Sandra Finn

    You hit the nail on the head!!! ????????????????

  7. Joseph & Sandra Finn

    You hit the nail on the head!!! ????????????????

  8. Mnm

    I would edit the letter of just one word to be more accurate and remove the word radical.

  9. David Van Tassell

    I would be very proud and happy to sign my name to your letter to the United States Congress. Thank you very much for sending this letter.

  10. Michael Pichette

    Our king would do anything to disarm us so his Muslim friends can destroy us.

  11. Pam

    It’s almost as if the gov WANTS to attract the criminal element to our country!!!!

  12. jaybird

    Tired of these politicians not listening to the people, I hope Trump wins. More people need to get on board or we are going to have Hillary. I am considering giving a contribution to the guy that is running against Paul Ryan to get him out as Speaker (I do not live in WI).

  13. Martha Smith

    The president and the politicians will not blame the source, Radical Islam they just want to take away our rights and guns so we can be controlled. We need to stop Radical Islam from getting control of our America by whatever means. Stop them from coming here, set up safe places for them in their own country. Get rid of political correctness. See something, say something. Muslins should be worried about offending us. Deport them if they do not pledge allegiance to the USA and assimilate.

  14. Diane

    It has nothing to do with mass murders, it is the ability to control citizens lives completly with no way to fight back against a tyranical government

  15. J hayes

    I agree because once again were right politicians wrong

  16. r.barton

    Take the top 1,000 culprits and put them in front of a firing squad.This should get the attention of the rest.

  17. Richard E.

    It’s a shame we have Pussies in the Corrupt government hell bent on destroying this Nation. We ( The People ) see you, We WILL deal with you SOON. One by One…

  18. ron werth

    Washington is full of failures. The Executive branch is headed by a failed president, and the idiots in congress are doing nothing to stop him.

  19. Renata Collings

    It is a total shame that while our soldiers are fighting against ISIS, we have a president here that is destroying the America they are fighting for. What a waste on so many levels. Can’t wait to see him gone. As for Clinton, I wish the total idiots that are following Killery would open their eyes and see that America is going to fall off a cliff if she is elected. It makes me physically sick to see history repeating itself by following nazi ideology. There is so much corruption behind her that I never believed I would live to see this mess in my lifetime.

  20. Jimmie Young

    If Trump is elected President, The Party will be over for the current Political Politician! No more Lobbyist! No more Special interest payoffs! No more backroom Deal Making that avoids all scrutiny by the proper authority and all American Citizens! Transparency could actually become a reality! Tax Payer Money could actually be applied to the programs they were intended for!! The National Debt could be brought back down to reality. NOT 19 Trillion and climbing!! The Party’s OVER!!!

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