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Black Lives Matter Celebrate The Spilt Blood Of The Police, see more at:

Black Lives Matter Celebrate The Spilt Blood Of The Police (Image: MGN)

  • Black Lives Matter is celebrating the death of the Baton Rouge police on Twitter.
  • A shocking amount of posts have been uploaded to Twitter all saying their support for the killing of police officers.
  • Some Twitter users have even said that they are now carrying guns with them, just in case they see a cop.
  • The Twitter CEO has been seen with the Black Lives Matter leader, and a romance is suspected to be the cause of Twitter’s inaction towards the violent posts.

Twitter has become the celebration center for Black Lives Matter. After the death of three police officers in Baton Rouge, Black Lives Matter have been posting on Twitter almost religiously. 

The editor of ThinkProgress, Zack Foster, said that it was “no surprise” that some are “taking justice into their own hands.”

Others joined in saying that they would now be driving around with guns. DJ Niyo Davinci, a producer, said he was “riding around Baton Rouge wit a big pistol.”

Another Twitter user said, “Sorry not sorry to hear about officers being shot in Baton Rouge. It was only a matter of time you pigs had it coming. If the police won’t get their shit together, civilians will continue to take matters into their own hands. Don’t blame em either. Fire away”.

Another user said, “Loling at the fact that they shot the Baton Rouge police. That is the only police department that I know deserved it aside from dpd.”

The posts went on and on. Some posted about how the police to deserve to die while others posted their complete support for the killing of police officers. However, Twitter has not made any comments or actions to take down the violent posts. Twitter, has a strict policy against the promotion of violence. So why the dragging of their feet to report or comment on the recent tirade of posts?

Apparently, Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter has been seen with the Black Lives Matter leader Deray Mckesson and a private romance is suspected. That could be the answer to the lack of action from Twitter.

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