America Is About To Get Better As California Gets Ready To Secede…

365,880 signatures…

That is all that is needed before the leech that is California is able to leave the US and form their own country.

I’m usually not a fan of California, but this is one proposition I support 100%!

I can only hope that Trump extends the wall all the way around that failure of a state.

In case you haven’t heard what’s going on Advocates of the Yes California movement want California to secede from the United States. And this week they had the first victory, They were given the go-ahead to begin collecting the signatures they need for their initiative.

Now that California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla has announced the ballot proposal had been cleared voters have until November to collect the necessary number of name to vote in 2020 on whether to begin secession discussion.

What do you think, is this the right path…or should we be working with California? Let us know below…

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  1. Yahoo

    See Ya !

    Don’t let the door hit your A$$ on the way out !

  2. Gregg

    Glad that I was able to move out of California…

  3. John Boy

    Uh, that would be a no to allowing them to secede. Were they to, Russia, China, Iran, or any other of a host of countries would immediately work to set up a military base there. it would happen one way or another.

  4. Steve

    The good people of California need to stand up and throw out the demoncrap, liberal, socialist, globalist idiots who are ruining YOUR state. Stop whining and remove these idiots starting with Moonbeam. The rest of the country is tired and fed of state welfare societies and Cali leads that bunch! Become the great State you used to be, start now before its too late!


    ONLY the TRAITORS TO AMERICA, the ANTI-AMERICAN CRIMINAL POLITICIANS, HEADED BY OBAMA and RUNNING (OR MORE ACCURATELY RUINING) that state NEED TO BE REMOVED and since it seems the Government’s DOJ , FBI and CIA is either Unable or Unwilling to Police Itself and Rid The Country of these Criminal Dictators, it looks like the Job Must Fall To The Ready Militia, the 20 Million or so Armed Law Abiding Citizens, Former Military Men and Women, That Our Founding Fathers Commissioned To Stand Ready To Defend Our Country And Uphold Our Constitution and Protect Our AMERICAN CITIZENS Against these Criminal TRAITORS . Just Say The Word Mr. President and WE THE PEOPLE, Will CLEAN THEM OUT IN A HURRY.

  6. James

    If it is seceding, then yes. If it is dividing in to 3 states then no. Division will only give those libs more votes in the senate.

  7. Roger Williams

    With all the new anti-Christian law they are trying to pass. It would be great for the United States to be rid of that bunch running and ruining that state. Take your communist ideas out of our country and take your anti- USA ideas with you. You refuse to follow the laws of the United States with your sanctituary stata crap.

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