Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed Wants To Make Us Pay

Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed is back in the news this week after he and his father filed a lawsuit accusing Irving ISD, the city of Irving and Mohamed’s former principal of violating his civil rights.

Watch the video and see why according to Mohamad, “It was nice to meet the president and to meet all these great people, but then again in that time I was traveling, I didn’t have a home. I left my home here, but had to travel for my family and safety and the reality of it is I have lost a lot of things. People might not see it because I never really talk about it. I lost my home, I lost my creativity, because before I use to love building things.”

Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed claims that he now receives death threats almost every day and that he can barely go out in public without the fear of threats and violence. That may or may not be true, and I hope that it isn’t because no kid deserves that regardless, but protecting our country from attacks is a very serious task and it is always better to err on the side of caution.

Regardless of intention cause by the city or harm done to the family, this lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to leech money out of the situation and keep his media train rolling. It will also do harm to our national security as police and municipalities will think twice about reporting and investigating suspicious activity.

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  1. jon

    Bombs can have clocks to time their explosions. Need to say more????

  2. M.

    There is a double standard for US citizens and the refugees and it all stems Obama and political correctness. Any other kid would be crucified in the news.

  3. Arthur Hock

    He had a suspicious bag and the police had the right to investigate it. This clock was a fraud anyway as it wasn’t made by him.

  4. Carol hayes

    If it was may son, he would have been suspended from school.

  5. patricia chadwick

    he got fame from the white house so what is he griping about. go back to your own country and get fame for a bomb!

  6. George

    I’m heading out to Radio Shack right now to get all the parts I need to build a clock so I can sue and get some free money. Oh, wait, I’m not mooslim and I got no money unles Buck Ofama gives it to me. Oh well, back to my whiskey and TV.

  7. DUKE

    The kid is nothing but a whiney tool. The lawyer bitch is nothing but a money and publicity grubber. The kid got to travel abroad as well as be treated like a celebrity, which is all crap. He’s an anti-American wannabe terrorist, and he cannot be trusted. He never should have been let back into The U. S. of A.. Other legitimate citizens are not being allowed to return home to America. Everything about this kid stinks.

  8. David McGuire

    This looks like a total set up.

  9. Jim Blake

    As any American (as well as any visitor to the USA), he has the right to file a suit against any person, group or governmental entity that has caused him the pain and aggravation of being held up to the public as a “bomb maker” and “terrorist.” This, prior to knowing the cause for it all. He was arrested, placed in handcuffs and taken out of his school by the Police.
    As such, I agree to his RIGHT to file a suit in court for his “losses” – perceived or real.
    Now, it is up to the court(s) and, if applicable, the Judge and Jury, to rule on his particulars.

  10. Joe

    RIDICULOUS. He should be THANKFUL to be able to live in this nation instead of the 10th century “idiocrasy” in his native country. We owe this little twit NOTHING! GO HOME if you don’t like it here…we certainly do not need you or your clocks!

  11. Shelba

    He brought the clock he supposeled built to school in a case like the ones that bombs were carried in, the school was only protecting the other students from potential harm, his civil rights were not violated and if a judge or jury cannot see his purpose is to bilk the school system and city of money they are either blind or idiots, he should not be allowed to get away with this travesty

  12. Edd USN Ret.

    It is my supreme wish that all the AH’s that do not see that this was a test to see if they could have gotten away with it then the next one would have been a BOMB and I would wish that the same AH’s would heave a love one killed in the explosion. Then we had to get a brain dead legal Bi**** get involved to line her and their pockets because the contraption looked like a bomb and was further checked out to try to prevent unknown number of deaths if it exploded in the school the muSLIME wannabe was attending on taxpayer money.

  13. steve pool

    it should never have gone this far. if you cant tell a clock from a bomb, then maybe you should not be a teacher.

  14. Roger Herman

    I heard they moved out of the country. His father running for office in another country.

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