A Sunday Swim Turns Into A Bloodbath In Tokyo

Mass Attack Against Women In Tokyo, see more at: https://absoluterights.com/mass-attack-women-tokyo/

Mass Attack Against Women In Tokyo (Image: MGN)

  • Eight women were “reportedly” stabbed in the buttocks at a wave pool at an amusement park in Tokyo.
  • All the women were roughly around 20-years of age. 
  • No severe injuries were reported at the time of the attack, however, all the victims went to the hospital to receive treatment.
  • So far the police have no leads or suspects for the attack.

A Sunday afternoon swim became a bloodbath for a Tokyo amusement park, in the western suburb of Akiruno, after eight women were attacked.

All of the victims were roughly around the same age, 20-years-0ld. The fire department claimed that it was a suspected knife attack, however, none of the women suffered very severe injuries. Yet, all of the victims were quickly taken to a hospital for treatment.

It could be a coincidence that all of the victims are roughly around the same age right? I mean that sounds like a targeted and planned thing, to me. If you are just planning on hurting people in general, and you are at an amusement park, you are going to get a large range of ages and people to hurt. We can even give the attacker the benefit of the doubt and say that he only wanted to hurt women, yet the odds of eight women coming along one after the other who were all the same age is still highly unlikely. Then you put into account that all the women were injured in their buttocks and you have a very specific attacker. That’s right, he stabbed each one of them in the butt.

The Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating the attack. The attack itself was said to have happened at a large wave pool at Tokyo Summerland.

So far the police have no information or leads on any suspects. The amusement park was said to have been packed at the time of the attack, so the suspects are literally endless.

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