744 Death Row Inmate Set To Be Released!

Robert Boyd Rhoades kidnapped eight-year-old Michael Lyons while he was walking home from school in 1996, stabbed him up to 80 times with a fishing knife and kept him alive for nearly 10 agonizing hours before dumping his body in the Feather River, just up the street from the child’s home.

The ‘Grim Sleeper’ killed nine women and a teenage girl over the course of 22 years, targeting drug addicts and hookers and tossing their naked bodies along roads or in the trash.

And the ‘Trailside Killer’ preyed on hikers along trails in state parks near San Francisco, telling cops that he revealed in making his victims beg in vain for their lives, before shooting them in the head, execution-style.

These are just some of the 744 inmates currently on California’s Death Row.

But as Jerry Brown’s tenure as governor of California draws to a close in January, capital punishment supporters have raised the specter that he could commute many, if not all, of the sentences.

On March 28, California’s Supreme Court issued an administrative order making it possible for Brown to commute the sentences of grant clemency.

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  1. Frank W Brown

    Better yet, gas MOONBEAM until he is dead, dead, dead!

  2. Robert N Kingdollar

    Does ‘commute’ mean Free’d or the Death-Penalty is taken off the Table?? Big Difference!

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