Susan Sarandon Is Disgusted By The DNC

Susan Sarandon is the voice of the never-Hillary movement. She has carried on the fight, even after their leader abandoned them to kiss Hillary’s ring. When asked about the DNC’s treatment of Bernie Sanders she responded by saying “it’s disgusting.” Sarandon and the other never-Hillarys might be enough to keep the evil queen out of […]

Republicans Run On Guns, Gays, And God

Watch as Nancy Pelosi gives an interview to PBS during day 3 of the Democratic National Convention and gives one of the most idiotic and offensive democratic answers to a relatively easy question. “Right now Donald Trump is doing much better than Hillary Clinton among white men, particularly white men who have not attended college, […]

Fighting Hate Crimes With Rainbows

Police forces in the UK are changing their squad cars to be decorated with the Gay Pride Flag. The Norfolk & Suffolk Constabularies announced the new design on YouTube saying that the change will take place on the week of Norwich pride. Everyone so far has been extremely supportive of the change. Police departments in […]

Democrat Stance: ISIS Not A Threat

Democrat Stance: ISIS Not A Threat

Two days into the DNC and nobody has as much as mentioned ISIS or the Islamic State. People are dying, priests are being brutally murdered in front of their congregations and the Democratic party hasn’t said anything. In fact, Obama claimed the Western world is the safest it has been because of his policies. John […]